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IB Maths
2016 -2017 New Pattern
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The lessons offered are in a Blended Mode with Private and Small Group Options


Dubai's Most Preferred IB Maths Learning Center

Regular IB Math Tutoring

Majority of the students opt for the regular IB Maths tutoring classes. These lessons incorporate comprehensive IB syllabus coverage. The IB maths tuitions are offered in a blended mode with a perfect mix of private and small group lessons. The Maths tutors in Dubai at the IB academy focus on Option papers, past IB paper practice with solving, detailed explanations, regular tests, and evaluations. Hundreds of students in Dubai from the most prestigious schools attend these lessons. The IB math course is taught in a systematic manner closely following the regular school studies.

IB Mathematics HL / SL Tutoring

The IB Maths Higher Level (HL) / Standard Level (SL) tuition in Dubai focuses on IB Board Specifications and exam paper patterns. We are offering IB Maths HL-SL-Studies tuitions in a blended mode. The tutoring also covers key IB Maths HL-SL-Studies concepts, prior learning topics as per IB Board requirements, pre-IB HL-SL-Studies evaluation and assessments. The Maths tutors in Dubai are licensed, qualified and highly experienced in the IB curriculum. The IB Maths lessons focus on detailed concept explanation in a private/one-on-one tuition mode, followed by past paper practice and solving in small groups.

Dubai's best online tutoring centre

IB Maths tutoring in Dubai is leading UK /IB board book publisher. We are now offering its expertise in Online Tutoring for Dubai students! Hundreds of students use our popular math revision books. IB Maths tutoring in Dubai Publishers has been offering its Online tutoring services to Singapore and Malaysian students. Dubai students can benefit from our expert tutors who teach IGCSE, GCSE, A-levels, IB subjects that include Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and ICT.


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